Life in the country house 

I have the tremendous privilege to have access to a small but wonderful little house in the country side in Sweden. I spent most summers here growing up, and for every year I more and more fell in love with the calm and beauty of this place. Even today this is one of the places that I return to for rest and recovery. Now that I rent out my apartment this has naturally turned into my new base camp. Very nice indeed.

Working on the bus

One of the most comfortable working environments is actually on the bus or train in Sweden. I have a good 4G connection to the Internet and most of the times there’s electricity to be found right beside the seat.

Now I am on my way from Stockholm to Jönköping. I have 4+ hours of time where I can work or relax and get to where I need to be, for only 19 €. That’s great .

What stuff is important – the efficient bagage 

I need to work on my packing skills. I have the feeling that I bring unnecessary stuff when traveling. And that there are gadgets that I could buy that would make life easier when on the road. Especially when it comes to my “office”. A lighter solution for keyboard and mouse would be nice to begin with.

Also I will look for good power backup solutions, i.e. power banks for smart phone, laptop and other gadgets. I find working on the go is both efficient and fun but it’s nice to not run out of electricity in the middle of something.

Back in Sweden – and birthday celebration begins

Two weeks in Egypt passed real quick. I had so many nice experiences during my stay.

Now back in Sweden. Sunny 30 degrees Celsius switched to 4 degrees and light, persistent rain.

It’s nice though, the colors of autumn the smell of really fresh air.

Today my brother and I also celebrated each other’s birthday by going to the Paul Simon concert together. A really nice experience. Paul has created such a great list of songs during his amazingly long career and it is a privilege to be able to see him live.



Night life in Sharm El Sheikh 

The night life in Sharm El Sheikh is a colorful show.
Drinking tea and smoking the  Shisha (water pipe) seem to be the thing judging from the countless bars and coffee’s offering this.

Moreover if you are looking to socialize with male human beings, I would say that this could be a place for you. My first impression is that there are very few single women (except for a few tourist ones) having a night out here in Sharm.