Remote working it the thing

I have been working remotely pretty consistently now for a few years. And I feel I am now really starting to get a hang of it. It takes some time to get comfortable with video calls, sharing screens and collaborating in online documents. But the tools and technology has really improved and sometimes I wonder if it isn’t actually more convenient share a screen online than trying to squeeze several people in front of a physical screen. The squeezing of course can be cosy at times.. but when you really want things done, I think that the remote model kan be very interesting. Everyone feels relaxed in the comfortable of their own home or office, and once the meeting is over, you can get right back to what ever business you were up to before the meeting took place.

Weekend hangout

Visit by friends, walking in the forest, playing in the snow, lots of fun 🙂

Creative mode

Dinner time
The best thing about being out in the country side is the creative feeling that generally comes around after a while. You sleep good and your brain seems to start working on a whole needs level. I haven’t so many things that I want to do so the main challenge is to filter out the most important things and to be effective when taking action. Some of the things that I want to do is to finish the first version of the music app that we are working on, to make/play music (violin and piano), write automation software for my computer.. And more. To be continued..

Oh, Dear.

Beautiful winter weather. And fun to se all the footprints of animals around the house. Late last night when I was in the kitchen chillin’ and playing some violin before bedtime a big dear walk by the kitchen window. It’s like he enjoyed the music as he gracefully floated by.

Skype Meeting and Snow outside the Window


Just finished a lovely Skype meeting with colleagues and mentors in the Music App project. Homework until today was to complete a Strength Insight Psychology test. Very interesting and fun to learn more about oneself in this way. 

Otherwise it is very exciting to be on our way, can’t believe that I will have the coolest music app for me and others to enjoy, hopefully within a few months from now. I know I will love this app, but can of course not be sure that anybody else will. Though I guess there should be!

At the same time today was a really wintry windy day with snow fall making the windows the perfect cozy backdrop for my meeting (yes.. the meeting started when it was still daylight outside:).