Study day

This is something I know I should I should have doug into for a long time now. I have used outsourcing now and then for small tasks but I know that I could use it alot more and free up of time for more important tasks.

When scaling any business, using help from others to do tasks that you either find boring or not in your skill set can be really useful (some would say necessary).

Returning to the old friend

Feel it’s about time I use more of the visdom contained in this book. As I remember I bought the first copy it back in 2011. Now I picked up the audio book version. Really well narrated. Perfect for me. Cannot stress enough how useful it is to have someone else read to you, rather than reading yourself. You can have the book “running” during dishwashing, food cooking, tooth brushing, etc. Be sure to use an audio player that supports bookmarks or make notes on a piece of paper or similar.