The road called “Some day” and the violin spirits

Spending to much time in front of this thing.

While I would like to spend more time with this…

Playing the violin is one of the most fun things that I know. It is also one of the most difficult things to do well. Sometimes I think that I am drawn specifically to the (almost) impossible…

Anyhow, I always had a dream of recording some violin music. In the midst of everything else I need done I managed to locate my Zoom recorder, which is one of my best options for recording violin music. Because except for being the most difficult instrument to play, it is also, of course, the most difficult instrument to record in a satisfying way since it has such a delicate sound filled with overtones etc.

So I spent some time searching for the best reverb effect, and setting up some EQ and other filters that were supported by the Zoom, and pretty surprisingly I managed to find a decent setting which recorded the sound pretty well.

One step closer to violin recording in other words. But I also need to get up to par with my playing technique and find a suitable music piece to play 🙂 Actually playing the violin feels a little bit supernatural, sometimes if I don’t play for a long time, it’s like the violin spirits left my body. And only when I manage to empty my mind completely except for the singing sounds from the bow against the strings, does it feel like these spirits return. It’s like 100 % or even a little bit more of the mind is needed for the notes to sing beautifully. But maybe this is why it is so rewarding when it happens.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the “Some day” trap… But I will fight it. Always keeping Mr Tony’s words in mind:

The road called Some day leads to a town called Nowhere

– Tony Robbins

Good night for now… Tomorrow is a new day!