SoundLily – because music is fun

Proud and grateful to be working with this guy and for being part of the Amplify incubator. Thanks to Anders Lindqvist for the photo session. 

I had the privilege of having a lot of music around me when I was a kid. Listening to a lot of classical music, singing and playing the piano from the age of 4 and later on also had the opportunity to pick up both the violin and the guitar. The satisfaction and sense of meaning that I got from playing and singing is something that I wish more people could experience.

SoundLily is an attempt to make singing and playing an instrument more rewarding and fun for everyone, from complete beginners to professional musicians. Currently we are developing an app that will provide backtracks to sing and play to together with some interesting functionalities to make it all more fun and useful. 

The competition today in the music tech market is becoming more and more massive, and the chances of making it in a startup like ours is statistically low. But working with some great people both in our team and in Amplify and it’s network actually makes the process worth while no matter the end result.

Nässjö nostalgia

The annual mini music festival in Nässjö, here with Södra Sidan (“The South Side”). Actually really liked the sound of these guys.

Service stop – new cooling

Feels really good maintaining things instead of always buying new stuff. Also it’s good for the wallet…

I tried before one time to fix some over heating issues of my (soon to be) 7 year old laptop. But I didn’t really feel I got a satisfying result.

So the other day I did a quick search for best thermal paste and a few places mentioned the Arctic Silver 5. Their website also contained some helpful guides and instructions. I also decided to replace the cooling fan.

Now my computer actually seems to run around 10 degrees Celsius cooler in average than before. So I am a pretty happy camper now.

Sooner or later I guess I will have to replace my laptop with a newer one. But maybe this little maintenance postponed that need at least a little bit. And I also have to admit that it’s kind of a sport to keep the old thing going.