The light in the tunnel 

The cleansing continues.. I must say that I am finally starting feel that I have some kind of control over the situation. I have actually tried to do this many times before.. Only to find myself buried in memories and emotional attachment to the stuff I’m going through.

This time however, I was more determined. I had a more concrete reason to finish my task. It simply had to be done. Even though I have some place to store my boxes whilst traveling I do not want to overuse this possibility. Especially not since I have a ever growing dream not to own more things than I can get my head around.

Because of my interest for music and musical instruments, I do have a little bit more of a need for storage space. Many things I could sell and then buy back later when I settled down. But music is one of the things that I know I want to spend time with, so at least for now I think that it is the most wise decision to keep this equipment.


Can I become a minimalist and a digital nomad? (and should I?)

At around 7 years of age I remember getting an assignment from my teacher in school to write down in my scrap book, what I wanted to do as an adult. I remember my was something like “not working/getting a jobb”… Needless to say I didn’t have a too romantic picture of what working was all about for most adult people.

What I was was afraid of at that young age was of course not working, but rather being forced to do something every day that I wasn’t passionate about.

A little later in life I remember dreaming together with my brother of living on a beach somewhere and being able to do work from there. I had this feeling that it must be possible… there must be a way.

Kamala Beach, Phuket – during my 10 week stay in Thailand 2013.

After my university studies I symptomatically ended up in exactly the situation that I so much had feared. And after 4 years in an IT customer care center I was truly depressed pretty much just working eating and sleeping my way through life, and not having any time or energy left for almost any kind of creative or social activities.

On my 30th birthday I got a copy of Anthony Robbins Personal Power II audio course from my brother. Tonys words hit me right in my heart. Someone telling me that I could do, be or have anything, if only I was determined enough and would not give up… that was exactly what I needed.

Just a year or two later I took the first major step towards a more free an creative life. I quit my jobb and other “not-so-inspiring” activities, and I started my own business.

Now about ten after my first encounter with Anthony Robbins Personal Power, I feel I am ready for the next step. Up till now I have had quite a lot of freedom, but I have still felt that I could be even more free, and do even more inspiring and fulfilling things.

I recently started to follow people on Youtube and other social media that call themselves “digital nomads”. And I have come to realize that there is a whole community of people out there, living the life that I have dreamed of ever since I was a kid. Traveling anywhere in the world, working with the things they love, in one way or the other over the internet.

The vast majority of the digital nomads that I follow though, are in their twenties… a reasonable age for traveling the world and not having settled down one might say. Me, on the other hand, just about to turn 40… Am I even sane to be considering this path.. well better late than never right? Gotta be an optimist.. And maybe I will get bored very soon of this kind of lifestyle (if I even make it to being a true digital nomad..), but at least then I can say that I tried,, ‘cos I guess this is a clear “rather regret the things you didn’t do”-case.. So let’s do it..