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Seems my life revolves around food and work right now. It’s pretty nice though, I enjoy eating and working. Last time on BigC I bought some hardware like the rice cooker but this time I could focus more on the actual food. I like BigC it’s the closest thing to a standard grocery store back in Sweden. But of course with the welcome addition of Thai foods and merchandise.

Some of the stuff I bought today. Especially curious to try yoghurt with crunchy wholegrain flakes and fruit. Also bought a real loaf of bread, a grilled chicken, bearnaise, fresh fruit (bananas and grapes), fresh salad and more.


Österrikisk Gulaschsoppa

Wasa knäckebröd


Beware that 99 % of all skin products in this country promises to make you whiter…. well… It’s pretty typical for sure that everyone on this earth seems to be something other than what they are.. In Sweden we have the “tanned without sun” products… and here they have “white.. despite sun…” or something like that… ^^ people people…