My dear friend has turned 100

I finally got hold of a piano tuning tool. This old piano is the piano on which I played my very first tunes. It hasn’t been tuned in more than 20 years I would estimate.

Now I used a pause in my computer work to do some tuning. Thanks to the convenience of tuning apps and a DIY YouTube clip it was actually pretty straight forward. So even though the result might not be what a professional piano tuner would achieve, it is certainly better than before the “operation” 🙂 I hope to add some recordings to the blog some day soon. Oh.. and I googled the piano and it’s serial number. Turns out it was made in 1918. So turned a 100 years this year. Quite a peculiar coincidence, now that I’m giving it this much attention ^^

Hilary Hahn plays Bach

All concerts already sold out… (USA, Canada, Japan, Korea…)! Congratulations to Hilary and her team. It would have been very very nice to see this rare recital. The solo works for violin by Bach were some of the first pieces that I tried to play myself when picking up the violin over 20 years ago 🙂

I am not a professional classical music reviewer by any sort, but I have listened to numerous recordings of these pieces over the years. And i very much like this one. It does not feel “over interpreted” but still it has a freshness to it and very nice amount of energy and temperament as always with Hilary’s recordings. I will certainly find inspiration in this album when trying to improve myself playing these pieces.

Seeing the performance live would have been awesome. But at least the recording is on Spotify! 

Best pause

I want out, permanently

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#TheJunkMail 09×05.. #Seinfeld #Seinfeldfullhd

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One of the funny episodes of Seinfeld aired in 1997, where Kramer gets fed up with the junk mail that keeps filling up his mail box.
Actually interesting and still valid question now 20 years later, why do we need a physical address in this digital age? 🙂 

When you travel for longer periods of time it can actually be a quite delicate problem to make sure you get any important information that may be sent to your physical address.