Tough work week action with some small but nice bonus nuggets

I was about to buy a new ethernet switch to be able to connect my iPad via cable both on first and second floor. Then realized that I had an old router that I wasn’t using. Googled how to turn a router into a switch and it actually worked, really well on top of everything. Good for me and good for the environment.

Also got a free set of violin strings by a company. Don’t think that ever happened before. But that also cheered up the day.

Speaking of my iPad… Got a new extension cable last week from China (could not find it anywhere else unfortunately) and it increased the savage level even further on the device. So now I can surf on the iPad first class via cable pretty much anywhere in the house. It’s very nice.

Prepping for wasp season

March moon

Some new good news and communications again today concerning the music app project. Not all efforts was fruitful though… This attempt to collaborate over Skype on a product demo video was buried after we had some better ideas ^^ But that’s what it’s all about being an entrepreneur. Try and fail, and try again, until you succeed.

Moving music to the cloud

It feels like I grew up with Naxos CD:s. That’s not completely true since there was quite a period before that with vinyl and kaset tape before that. But anyhow Naxos became a part of my life from around the age of 19 when I started playing the Violin. Cheap and good recordings was hard to resist, being a poor, music loving student as I was. 

Now experimenting with what this music can do when using it in new digital tools. Looking pretty

Saturday chill and cooking

Some Asian tastes in the pots. Nice colors and wonderful smell in the kitchen ^^

Otherwise didn’t do very much productive today, after all it’s Saturday. Been using my laptop for more than 7 years now and it’s actually still coping pretty fine.

However running more intensive tasks like video editing or running heavier virtual machines is a little bit hard on the old fellow. So I’ve been scanning a little bit for suitable replacements lately. But even though it’s been 7 years it is not really obvious what machine would make me happier.

The question is whether to opt for a mobile workstation or to just stick with more soft core long battery life ultra portable. For the first alternative I would say it leans towards a MSI SG65 stealth or similar. And if going with the second alternative then actually the Lenovo series machines still come high on the list as did they 7 years ago. Something like the P52s feels like an interesting alternative.

Boar tracking and nice views