Next stop Beijing (boarding)

I must admit that I am quite confused as a human being, getting all practicalities in order for traveling is a challenge. So when I get so far as to having gone through all the procedures of checking in, passing security and getting into the lounge right before the boarding it’s a nice relief. 

I am so looking forward to lunch in Beijing with an old friend tomorrow. 

Fingers crossed.

Nice weekend and travel time is getting closer

Being my own barber since at least a year now. I find it to be really fun and a perfect creative challenge. Guess it started a little bit of a way to save a buck but I soon realized that I to a much higher degree ended up with with a hair cut that I liked.

I mean honestly how often do you exit the barber shop really happy with the result? 🙂 

Anyway, had a great weekend with friends and now this week the full focus is on working to comple everything that I  want to have finished before I go my trip I feel really inspired both by of the work and towards the upcoming adventure. It will be really cool to go solo on a long distance trip like this. I will meet my friends on the destination and of course there’s also the stop in Beijing.. Haha can’t really believe it yet.

Lunch in Beijing?!?

I have a crazy plan.. lunch in Beijing on my way to Bangkok.. Wish me luck  

I will be going in just a few weeks… i will have 10 hours provided that the flight is on time and wanted to say hello to my friend that I have not seen in like 15 years or so. Mission impossible? We’ll see.

I will have to get a transit visa, which I read can be applied for directly at the airport, but to prepare a little extra I have sent an email to the airline to ask if they may arrange this beforehand (which I also read somewhere that it was possible). 

Stay tuned.. 🙂