Music work and good ol’ MIDI

Some music related work tonight, making use of some gear that I did not touch in a long time. Specifically an external Audio/MIDI sound card EMU 0404. Never played around so much with MIDI before.. 🙂 Interesting.

End station – Steinway & Sons

At the end of the day and your work somehow pushed you in a direction where watching a Steinway & Sons factory your video was the inevitable end of the road ^^ O the commitment put into these instruments, very fascinating. Even being fully aware of the dignity of these grand pianos I would not have guessed that these days they would be produced to such an extent by hands of humans and also with so much natural material (good old wood). 

(I secretly wonder if this was the prophecy of the & in the spagetti session in the earlier post)

Weekend fun: Paganini for solo violin

Yes I seem to have a small problem figuring out what to focus on in my life.. So I just focus on everything fun that I can imagine… Because I don’t want to end up one day in the future, thinking “why didn’t I ever try that..”..

My current office/studio


You think I can make my violin sound like this? Would be really nice ^_^

Paganini Caprice no. 9 (“The Hunt”) from the 24 Caprices. 

Night time music paus

Haha, what a joy to bring out the violin after months away from practice. It is quite a challenge to play this instrument but such a reward the small moments you get it right.

So blessed to be able to play in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone.

(And yes, that’s ear plugs sticking out of my ears, I have very sensitive ears… And the violin is a loud instrument.. at least in my opinion ^^)