The 4 Hour Work Week revisited

The 4 Hour Work Week – by Timothy Ferris

This photo was taken just about exactly 10 years ago. The sunset and my “bible” at the time, The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

I had cultivated this dream, to be location independent, to be able to work from anywhere and, preferably, not to have to work too much at all. This book gave me lots of inspiration. On how to cut unnecessary costs, focus on what is important, use freelancer sites on the internet to save time and energy, and much more.

Fast forward to today, the biggest insight over these 10 years has been that if “work” is something fun, then there is no longer a reason to limit the hours in the week, as long as the work does not collide with any other, more important values or tasks.

So one could say that my goal has switched from working as little as possible, to working with as meaningful and inspiring things as possible.

Another thing that I have learnt however, it that when I am relaxed and do not overwork, then the work that I do becomes both much more fun and also of vastly better quality. So much of the fundamentals of this book, I still carry with me every day.