Meditation and true success


“We shouldn’t have to rely on external circumstances to make ourselves internally satisfied. True success comes when you take the time every single day to work on yourself internally, and cultivated the things that you want to see in yourself internally, and then being able to hold on to these values and express them in any external circumstance, whether they be positive or negative.”

– Mamata Venkat | How Meditation Changed My Life |

Moonlight and Sonatas

In the country house again after very nice 2 weeks at my parents in Örebro. 

Gazing up at the sky from the balcony it’s pretty awesome to be here too. The supermoon that was hidden behind a solid layer of clouds when it was  full no is showing itself in all its glory even though it is rather half at this point. For the record I shot the moonlight pic with my Samsung Galaxy S7 through a couple of old binoculars that I har just happened to lay my eyes on in the living room before I saw the moonlight through the window of the balcony door. 


Today I also brought out violin to play a few pieces for the first time in a while. I was really happy to find that I got a good connection with my instrument and the music came out pretty beautifully. I’m looking forward to record something to put online soon. 

Taco and fredagsmys 

It’s been an awesome week at my parents place. Moving back home is quite an underestimated business. Having the time to develop this relationship is really nice, not least when you haven’t had so much time to do this during the past few years.

During my time in Egypt I had the chance to experience what it is like when families are much more closer together and spend much more of the time during the days in the same house, eating and talking. This is an art that I think many people in the western cultures have forgotten.  Continue reading

Karlslund Örebro 

Nice Sunday walk with my father in the mystic surroundings of Karlslund in the country side of Örebro. The freezy sub zero season is here and you have to dress well to survive outdoors.. But it’s really cozy and a nice feeling to come home to a warm home and have a good meal and work a little bit by the computer.