What you truly want, is the magic

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Every single person on this planet has the ability to tap their PERSONAL POWER and CREATE the life they DESIRE. A life of MEANING.?❤️???? . It all starts with a simple but CRITICAL QUESTION: What is it that you want❓What are you REALLY after and WHY?? Do you have a CLEAR picture of what it is that you DESIRE most — in your relationships, your health, your business… in YOUR LIFE? ? . What do YOU want to GIVE? . Your life will transform when you are able to answer that question with CLARITY, CONGRUENCY, CONVICTION, and a COMMITMENT to the highest standard. . CLARITY is POWER. Clarify what it is you really WANT at the level of your SOUL. The more clear you are about what you want – what you DESIRE – the easier it is to MAKE your VISION a REALITY. ??? It all starts with DE-SIRE — a word with Latin roots that mean: of the (heavenly) Father. A reminder that our biggest goals and deepest aspirations answer a call to grow and serve— a call that is driven by something so much BIGGER THAN OURSELVES. ? . So… What is it that you REALLY want to CONTRIBUTE in this LIFETIME? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Kraków, Poland

I always heard that Kraków was such a beautiful city, but I must say that it was even more charming than I had expected. The first city that comes to mind when comparing with cities that I have previously visited is Paris. Very nice.

Leaders are Readers

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
– Harry Truman

I never was much of a reader actually, except for a few books on spirituality, personal growth etc here and there over the years.

Since I discovered audio books I found it easier though to consume more interesting thoughts and ideas from great thinkers. As I have written earlier the audio format suited me much better than the standard paper kind… Also listening to interesting pods, talks, intervjus, etc on Youtube, ted.com, podcast services or similar streaming services I find really inspiring and a great way of absorbing good ideas and interesting and useful information. 

I do not aspire very much of becoming a leader in the traditional sense, though it is always fun to be a person who can inspire others in different ways. By learning from people that inspire me then in best case this inspiration can be picked up by people that happen to cross my path.