Freshly baked bread rolls (cold fermented)

At least the quarantine has some creative side effects.

Can’t remember where I got the idea of cold fermented dough (in Swedish: “kalljäst deg”), but I thought it sounded so delicious. The idea of the dough having some more time to “set” and “marinate” to create some more juiciness to it and also to be able to set the dough in the evening and bake it first thing in the morning, was just a very appealing idea.

Said and done, so happy it turned out great at first try! Very easy and very tasty.

I used the recipe from the page below, click recipe image to go to the site (website in Swedish)

Corona impact in different countries

My spontaneous analysis between most and least affected countries: The habit and willingness of using face protection and the degree of physical contact when greeting someone.

Asia for example both have a custom of wearing masks for all sorts of reasons, including air pollution ? They also practically never have physical contact when greeting one another ?

I am sure there are other reasons as well, but it would surprise me if these two factors do not play a really big role.