Sunday walk

Some guys look this happy when they get to walk around for a few hours just looking around, having a swim in the ocean and just chillin’. Now preparing for a new week, new month and new possibilities.

Reaching for the beach

One hour walk, and a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Good exercise and warm water.

Arriving in Malaga

Today’s meditation spot

Wanted to mail a physical letter this morning, so took the 5 min bike ride only to find that the mini country mailbox had a too small opening for the small package to fit. On the bright side, the small excursion offered me a new beautiful view for my morning meditation session.

When Storm Hits

Pretty mild compared to what happens in many other parts of the world right now. Though I did have to move my router out on the top floor balcony to even get a usable signal since the mobile network went bust from mid-day and still is almost completely nonexistent..