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We’re in this together

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The climate and extinction crises affects every living thing on this planet. Humans often seem to forget that they are part of the natural world, not above it. We are all in this together. It's time to start living on this planet in harmony with nature. We cannot go on exploiting every single resource without any thought towards future generations. We have to end this madness! So what can you do? Here are a few things : Reduce your own carbon footprint by wasting less, eating less red meat and switching to renewable energy where possible. Talk to your friends, colleges and family about climate change. Tag someone and use climate change messages in your feed. Like and comment on climate change messages to increase their reach. Join a local group like #schoolstrike #extinctionrebellion #stopadani #fridaysforfuture #parentsforfuture And most importantly, Vote for the climate! Do you care about the planet? ? Tag someone who should see this! ? Help us grow the community by following ? #icaremovement and ? @icaremvt Thanks to : #Repost @_green_new_deal ・・・

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Music work and good ol’ MIDI

Some music related work tonight, making use of some gear that I did not touch in a long time. Specifically an external Audio/MIDI sound card EMU 0404. Never played around so much with MIDI before.. 🙂 Interesting.