The light in the tunnel 

The cleansing continues.. I must say that I am finally starting feel that I have some kind of control over the situation. I have actually tried to do this many times before.. Only to find myself buried in memories and emotional attachment to the stuff I’m going through.

This time however, I was more determined. I had a more concrete reason to finish my task. It simply had to be done. Even though I have some place to store my boxes whilst traveling I do not want to overuse this possibility. Especially not since I have a ever growing dream not to own more things than I can get my head around.

Because of my interest for music and musical instruments, I do have a little bit more of a need for storage space. Many things I could sell and then buy back later when I settled down. But music is one of the things that I know I want to spend time with, so at least for now I think that it is the most wise decision to keep this equipment.


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