After beautiful weekends with my family it’s finally 2017.. Wow that number. Time flies so fast.

It was so lovely to meet both my sister and brothers families with kids and also my parents. After almost a week in Stockholm I am now back in Örebro at my parents place. I am so lucky to have a nice places to stay and people to meet.

It’s a new year and New Challenges with it. I have to get my business going and frankly I have to make quite a lot more money than I’ve done so far to be able to support even the humble lifestyle that I am living. 

The good news however is that I have come pretty far in creating a system that I think will serve me well in planning the upcoming months. I will talk about this more in upcoming posts. This system is one part “mental training” and one part “administrative structure” and information and planning tools (desktop/mobile apps, etc). 

So long people see you soon for updates on my life. Peace out. 

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