Time flies so fast

The day finally came when I had to say goodbye to my friends in V Residence. A little bit sad of course since I have gotten attached to this place after having stayed here for almost two months.

After the two hour bus ride I landed at my hotel in Bangkok and then had some time for shopping at the big shopping centers in Siam area (MBK and Siam Paragon). 

Two months is quite a good amount of time to try a new environment out. I will write more about it soon and also post some unpublished photos from my trip (my visit to Koh Lan amongst others).

Tomorrow I will be back in Sweden if everything goes to plan. It will surely feel a bit strange to b back in the colder climate etc but on the other hand really great to be seeing friends and family again.

Lunch in Beijing?!?

I have a crazy plan.. lunch in Beijing on my way to Bangkok.. Wish me luck  

I will be going in just a few weeks… i will have 10 hours provided that the flight is on time and wanted to say hello to my friend that I have not seen in like 15 years or so. Mission impossible? We’ll see.

I will have to get a transit visa, which I read can be applied for directly at the airport, but to prepare a little extra I have sent an email to the airline to ask if they may arrange this beforehand (which I also read somewhere that it was possible). 

Stay tuned.. 🙂