Leaders are Readers

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
– Harry Truman

I never was much of a reader actually, except for a few books on spirituality, personal growth etc here and there over the years.

Since I discovered audio books I found it easier though to consume more interesting thoughts and ideas from great thinkers. As I have written earlier the audio format suited me much better than the standard paper kind… Also listening to interesting pods, talks, intervjus, etc on Youtube, ted.com, podcast services or similar streaming services I find really inspiring and a great way of absorbing good ideas and interesting and useful information. 

I do not aspire very much of becoming a leader in the traditional sense, though it is always fun to be a person who can inspire others in different ways. By learning from people that inspire me then in best case this inspiration can be picked up by people that happen to cross my path.