Saturday chill and cooking

Some Asian tastes in the pots. Nice colors and wonderful smell in the kitchen ^^

Otherwise didn’t do very much productive today, after all it’s Saturday. Been using my laptop for more than 7 years now and it’s actually still coping pretty fine.

However running more intensive tasks like video editing or running heavier virtual machines is a little bit hard on the old fellow. So I’ve been scanning a little bit for suitable replacements lately. But even though it’s been 7 years it is not really obvious what machine would make me happier.

The question is whether to opt for a mobile workstation or to just stick with more soft core long battery life ultra portable. For the first alternative I would say it leans towards a MSI SG65 stealth or similar. And if going with the second alternative then actually the Lenovo series machines still come high on the list as did they 7 years ago. Something like the P52s feels like an interesting alternative.