All cozy and creative home projects week end

Planned to go see some friends but the sudden icy road conditions made me stay home for safety reasons.. 

Turned out kind of cozy any how.. I actually always loved being on my own fixing and creating stuff.. learning something new or and inventing something. This week end I ended up installing my first linux server on an old (and big..) PC that stood in the corner for many years. That was fun. The actual reason for this project was that I was thinking of setting up my own web hosting for my web site customers.. but before I invest a lot of money in server power I figured it was good to learn a little bit first about how to use them.. 

Playing some more piano.. always fun, always a meditative and spiritually rewarding experience.

The more I hang out in this old house the more I love this kind of life (yes I have been here back and forth over the last few years, and actually about 30 years in total if I count allt the summers spent here growing up). It’s a really nice place.. But nevertheless it almost surprises me how much I love living in the peaceful countryside. Spending the days working with the computer stuff, playing music and everything in between.. I said for a long time that I would like to buy my own house, but now for the first time I guess I can really say that it is something that I really want. So let’s see what the future holds.. Stay tuned.. 

First snow.. 

Creativity flowing.. 

First Linux server installation.. Always wanted to try this, and what do you know.. finally a reality.. Doesn’t it feel good to do something that you always kind of wanted, but always put off? 🙂 

Don’t know why this always happens to me.. I get creative and time flies.. and all of a sudden it’s dawn the next day..  

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