Entering Studio Mode 

One of my projects (classified for now… but stay tuned for official announcement later this year! 🙂 ) finally “forced” me set up my piano and a simple recording equipment. This is really cool since I’ve been thinking about recording music for a long time now, but all the stuff have been sleeping in boxes and standing against walls.. And you know the feeling when you are looking for just the right cables and gadgets in order to get everything to work.. Haha quite a project.. Though now everything is actually in place and I’ve even got the whole thing to sound pretty nicely. 



Moonlight obsession 

To combine my recent obsession about the moon with my desire to spend more time playing music, I thought that a next logical step would be to rehearse the good old sonata nr 14 by Beethoven, also known as the Moonlight Sonata. 

To make it more interesting and original I am thinking of playing this piece on the old piano that was more or less the first piano I ever played and that once belonged to my grandfather’s sister. What’s interesting with this piano except for its age is that it’s tuned about one half note lower than normal, which gives it a certain mellow sound. 

So let’s just hope I didn’t forget everything a about playing the piano (I only played very occasionally during the last 20 years or so 🙂 and hopefully I will be able to post a one of a kind performance for you to enjoy here on the blog soon ^^ It’ll be a lot of fun.