Happy New Year 2018

Nice evening with friends and good food. Everybody brought something and I brought my famous apple pie..

Of course after the green Christmas the weather gods decided to flip the coin.. Lots of snow.. Beautiful but far from ideal on the road. Everything went fine anyhow. Happy new year everybody. Let’s make 2018 amazing!

New years resolutions?

Last year I remember having the new years resolution to meditate at least 30 minutes every day. That’s because I know that it does so much good both physically and mentally. I really believe that meditation is something that you do not have time not to do.. In other words, the more you think that you don’t have time for it, the more you need it. Nevertheless I have not completely kept my promise during 2017. I generally just spend a minute or two each night before bedtime meditating or doing a breathing exercise. Even this small effort makes a huge difference. But it would be interesting to explore this a bit further. So I will try to give it a new go this year. Maybe not necessarily 30 minutes a day, but making it a habit to practice mindfulness more frequently. I’ll let you know how it goes. Other things I want to explore is how I can make a living from more and more of the things that I am really passionate about. For example it would be interesting to focus on music in 2018. Playing an instrument is such a difference compared to working on the computer. Playing an acoustic violin, guitar or a piano does not involve being nere any electronic equipment at all. Therefore making it quite a unique firm of “work” these days in the digital age. 

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