Into the wild

I’m working so much in front of the computer these days.. Not really taking the time to be in nature as much as I used to. Maybe also because I am currently living in the country side with nature all around me. Anyhow, today I thought it was about time to get out a bit. Walked around in an area I am not so often visiting.

I am always curious in winter time to try to figure out all the tracks of animals that you can find in the snow. Especially interesting I think is the traces of predators, like fox or even larger ones. I am just about sure that I saw a wolf many years ago in this area. Though few people would believe me as it is not an animal typically seen here.. But the thing came out of the forest and playfully walk beside my car before deviating back and disappearing.. I mean.. The only option is that it was a really big wolf looking dog out walk alone with no owner in sight.. But then again, what dog looks like wolf and has the height of a car 🙂 well ever since I am always looking out for any trace of this species. This is the closest I got today.. Though probably more likely fox or badger or something like it.

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