Proving to myself that I can work being away from home

It’s a routine by now. It’s pretty nice with routines. It’s like a routine in a non routine situation. It’s like the nice combination of comfort and daily excitement.. If that makes any sense 🙂

My experiment over the past few weeks have been to try to get some work done. It’s like I didn’t really trust myself a 100 percent to have the discipline to handle my work decently when being on the other side of the world.

So that’s why I have really put my main focus on work and daily practicalities. It’s like I wanted to prove to myself that I could earn my living working away from home.

I have a couple of deadlines in the last few days and I took the chance of getting quite a few hours of work done. So now my confidence has grown quite a bit and I feel pretty sure that I could not only make my living working away from home, but actually develop my business as well and increase my salary over time which feels very very nice.

To me it means that I could be on the road, traveling around as long as I would want to. I guess this is really what I have been dreaming of for a long time. So it’s a really cool feeling arriving at this point. I feel so happy and grateful.


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