Songkran preview

I must admit it. Songkran was a lot more fun than I had expected. It’s a real party and just a joy to see everyone happy and connecting through this wild water festival.

Thanks to my friend who has lived here for a long time I was guided to the most intense Songkran streets a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately I didn’t prepare so well for the photographing, so the only thing I managed to do was extract a few images from some otherwise lousy video clips that I managed to get from the action zone..

So here you go. Today and tomorrow are holidays in Thailand and the Songkran festival reaches its peak. I had hoped to be able to join the party today. But unfortunately some work on my computer I got in between. Tomorrow I hope to be able to give it another go and to get out there play. And hopefully also bring you some better pics from the party 🙂

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