Prepping for #ai

The future is coming and it’s time to get seriously familiarized with it. I had a feeling already 20 years ago that machines one day would be able to do incredible things. Even think and act like humans. But it’s starting to look like I underestimated how quickly this could happen. 

Decided to pause my Audible account for now, for economic reasons, but I had a few remaining credits that I used to by some AI related books. I have previously listened to Life 3.0 which I found to be a great book. I actually recommend anyone to pick up at least one book or audio book on this topic. It will make it vastly more easy to understand what will be happening in the years to come. This is because AI is not something that will effect a few areas of technology or a few people. It will effect pretty much everything and everyone. 


The Future

What can I say.. this is utterly cool.. Robots and AI is something that fascinated me a lot since I was a kid. The whole idea with computers was from day one the idea to make a machine do the job instead of me. In the beginning I was not so impressed of what saw of the AI development, but just as you could expect, it has a exponential kind of improvement once it reaches a certain point… and now I can feel that that point is very near. It’s both exciting and a bit frightening to think of possible consequences of this in a few decades to come. OpenAI I think is a really great idea of the one and only Elon Musk. Once AI “takes over” it’s important that it is available to “all” and not a few select.