Coworking Space in Jomtien

Being a digital nomad can be a lonely business. This I have heard many times in YouTube videos etc, of people living this lifestyle. And I totally understand why. You work and travel. And you can’t bring all your friends.

As simple as that. Often times you cannot bring any of your friends. I have had this in mind even before I decided to try this out for myself.

One great thing that I think will help a lot to cope with this challenge is the fact that there is now already tenth of thousands of people who live this lifestyle. And that means that there are a lot of people looking for others to hang out with.

The online communities is a really cool way to socialize and exchange ideas. And the coworking spaces is another. Yesterday I went to check out the Anchor coworking space in Jomtien. I was lucky enough to find a guy outside who was using this space already for several months and that could tell me all about it.

The Restaurant at Anchor Coworking Space, Jomtien

Before returning back to the hotel, I decided to take my first swim in the
ocean for this trip… Guess the pool is very convenient.. But there’s something special with the beach and the ocean, I have to admit.