Taking off

After one crazy week end of packing, moving, planning, chatting, and on top of everything also having a couple of business meetings I have finally handed over my apartment to the nice person who sub-lease over the next 6 months. And I am on my way..

First stop Egypt.. My sister is there with her family so I want to visit them. I miss them so much and I’m looking forward to to seeing them all. Also it is my first time in Egypt and that in itself is quite exciting!

Many questions in my mind. One is actually how will it feel to be back in a pretty hot climate. Last time was Thailand 5 months ago. Weird as it may seem I must say, I am pretty well adjusted to the cold climate in Sweden. Once interesting thing I have noticed is how much clearer you think and more productive you get when it is not 38 degrees Celsius outside every day.. It’s kind of easier to keep the warmth in a cold climate than to comfortably cool when it’s really hot. At least that’s my experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sunny days and balmy whispering nights.. especially if you have some free time away from the computer screen to enjoy it.. 😉

Well that’s it for now. I’ve managed to get on board the first train of two this evening. The plane is leaving early morning. Feels good to be starting off have a good time buffer.

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