Week end fun

After a nice Friday with friends I managed to squeeze in some nerdiness on the Saturday. Primarily consisting of one thing that I wanted to try for a long time: modifying a computer mouse and keyboard to expose the user to less EMF (Electromagnetic radiation). My idea was to move the wireless component out of the mouse and then to shield it off to emit just enough radiation to be able to connect to the receiver in the computer. I’m not even sure if I found the right component.. That’s how noobie I actually am at this kind of low level electronics.. But I finally chose one component that I identified was present both in the keyboard and the mouse. I was proud to at least make the mouse function with the component in question moved out to the exterior of the mouse. The bad news however was that the radiation still seemed to originate from the interior of the mouse even after the modification. The conclusion being that I probably moved the wrong thing 🙂 anyhow a fun little project that at least refreshed my soldering skills and will makes it easier next time I try something similar.

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