And the winner is..

I took this photo a  couple of days ago, but only posted it today on Instagram. I don’t know if I will ever call myself a photographer, but I can truly say that I have learned so much this week from the @jkpg Instagram assignment. The coolest feeling is when I go through the photos in my phone after some session and I come across one that stands out from the others. Immediately I get the gut feeling that this photo is special in its balance, colors, symmetry etc. It’s also fascinating to learn which photos can and which ones cannot be worked on with filters, color dynamics etc to transform from rather dull 2 dimensional pics to vivid and cool images. 

The above photo didn’t need much correction at all. Thanks to the pretty well functioning hdr function in my phone, the contrast an dynamics turned out pretty nicely “out of the box”. 

After the week of posting pics for the @jkpg account this pic is the one was the most “liked”.. so I guess in that way it was kind of the winner of the week. 

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