Microwave food from Family Mart

Ok, not sure if the final result is exactly like on the picture.. But for a quick snack it tasted quite good!

These days are working days. Didn’t leave the hotel for two days now.
The grocery shopping was a success I would say.. I have enjoyed tremendously to eat in my hotel room and not having to go out every time I’m hungry.

Today I also tried one of the the frozen dishes from Family Mart.. It was surprisingly delicious I would say..
But I feel like a monster as I could probably eat 2 or even 3 of those meals without too much of a problem..
I would say that many times a Thai dish actually is not too grande.. Either thai people don’t eat so much or maybe they just eat more often 🙂

I know I should eat more often anyhow so that I don’t need to eat a horse every time I’m finally at the table.. But with my new grocery shopping habit this should actually be achievable. We’ll see..

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