Back to Base

The last couple of weeks have been a mix of business and hangout with friends. Now back in the country house where everything was as cozy and peaceful as one could expect and hope for (always a little scary when you are away unplanned for a longer period of time, at one time many years ago there was a big bird that had entered the house through the chimney and was hopping around in the house when we entered..).

Anyhow, back and well, making some pancakes for dinner. 

How I (try to) stay fit in Thailand

One thing that often happens when I go to Thailand is that I get a motorcycle and then after that I don’t get so much exercise.. I also eat more sweets for some reason.. Probably because it’s cheap and available everywhere.

Somewhere along the road I look myself in the mirror though and realize I have to do something drastic. Now I have some experience on this so I now know what measures I can take to fix the situation. 

These are the typical steps:

  • I start taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the hotel
  • eat less sweets
  • let the motorcycle rest and take walks whenever I need to go somewhere within walking distance
  • take general walks exploring the neighborhood and surroundings of my hotel/apartment

Today for the second day in a row I took a walk on the smaller streets towards city center. I walked around long enough for the twilight to arrive and for the night life in slowly come to life.

Today I also had one of my favorite dishes on the way home from the “city walk”, the Wonton noodle soup which was only 45 Baht and tastes delicious.

Microwave food from Family Mart

Ok, not sure if the final result is exactly like on the picture.. But for a quick snack it tasted quite good!

These days are working days. Didn’t leave the hotel for two days now.
The grocery shopping was a success I would say.. I have enjoyed tremendously to eat in my hotel room and not having to go out every time I’m hungry.

Today I also tried one of the the frozen dishes from Family Mart.. It was surprisingly delicious I would say..
But I feel like a monster as I could probably eat 2 or even 3 of those meals without too much of a problem..
I would say that many times a Thai dish actually is not too grande.. Either thai people don’t eat so much or maybe they just eat more often 🙂

I know I should eat more often anyhow so that I don’t need to eat a horse every time I’m finally at the table.. But with my new grocery shopping habit this should actually be achievable. We’ll see..

Everyday life

Today’s dinner: Pad thai gung, deluxe

My friends left me this Sunday which means I have a little more time for work and normal everyday business now.
It’s quite nice to come to a new place, explore the surroundings, and find a nice routine for your daily life. I am now staying in a quite nice hotel located between Pattaya and Jomtien.

Today was such a perfect and relaxed day. Slept until late, worked, swam in the pool, worked again, found a great place to have dinner right down the street from the hotel.

Now it’s late but I will continue to work since I feel so good and have worked up somewhat a work flow.

Banana choco drink for desert

Pattaya City from view point

My home right now

My balcony

The swiming pool

Where the magic happens…