My office

I really like my current office, lots of light and a nice view. I also have managed to find a good solution for telephony that works really well. It means I can talk to my customers in Sweden at the normal flat rate and at a really good quality. No one can even tell that I am not at home. Someone even said that the sound quality was better now than when I was back home.. ^^ Since a good phone line is pretty crucial to my business at times, I am so happy and grateful that I got it working.

I noticed that many hotel rooms in Thailand have these almost identical little desks with two drawers that can be pulled out to make a pretty good arm rest when putting laying out a towel over the edge to make it a little softer. This is at least the third time that I have an office like that and its actually pretty sustainable. It’s great to find the little daily hacks like this to make it easier to work on the road.

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