New market place

I also found a new Market place on my way back from Jomtien. I actually bought my dinner there yesterday and I bought the same thing today from the same lady, who also smiled obviously recognizing me from the day before. She sells half a chicken (or maybe duck.. I’m not sure) for 50 Baht. 

These markets are everywhere by the way. At first they can be a bit hard to spot since it’s just a cluster of parasols, but underneath there is intense business going on.

Then also today I could not resist buying some Sweets in the form of donuts which was 10 Bath each.

My dinner from the market, half a chicken for 50 Baht. With my rice cooker it’s very convenient to buy food like this, and then just cook some rice in 10 minutes at home, and eat with some vegetables and soy sauce, oyster sauce or fish sauce that I have. Delicious, cheap and efficient.

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