How I (try to) stay fit in Thailand

One thing that often happens when I go to Thailand is that I get a motorcycle and then after that I don’t get so much exercise.. I also eat more sweets for some reason.. Probably because it’s cheap and available everywhere.

Somewhere along the road I look myself in the mirror though and realize I have to do something drastic. Now I have some experience on this so I now know what measures I can take to fix the situation. 

These are the typical steps:

  • I start taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the hotel
  • eat less sweets
  • let the motorcycle rest and take walks whenever I need to go somewhere within walking distance
  • take general walks exploring the neighborhood and surroundings of my hotel/apartment

Today for the second day in a row I took a walk on the smaller streets towards city center. I walked around long enough for the twilight to arrive and for the night life in slowly come to life.

Today I also had one of my favorite dishes on the way home from the “city walk”, the Wonton noodle soup which was only 45 Baht and tastes delicious.